Title Podcast#: 0362 Life is giving…giving for others to live | 14/11/2020

Life is giving…giving for others to live. The Gospel reflection is on Luke 8:4-15. Carol delights us in Women of Faith on the “Women who ministered to Jesus”. Jesus teaches us to let not your right hand know from your left hand when we give, and this is why George Eskander is sharing with us on “Giving is not a boomerang”. Sophia will delight the listeners with “How to prepare the soil, how to prepare the seed, and how it relates to us”. Serving from tables is as old as the church. Fr David Elmasri gives us an exposition on “The Apostle’s view on giving from the Table”. There are a number of reflections on family life…life is about giving more than taking. David looks at “a brother’s heart for his sister”. Karin shares “a mother’s heart for her children”. Mark shares “a father’s heart for his children”. George Mikhail reflects on “Standing for your rights”. Florence provides a woman’s perspective on “Being an example to your peers”. St Antonious & St Paul Youth Group shares with us in bringing an organisation to their Youth Group Meeting to collect cheek swabs for the “Bone Marrow” match to save lives. Paul and Grace lead in this discussion. Three young people share their experiences – Marina, Sarah, and Antony. In the Bird’s Peck in the Book of Proverbs, Jeremiah leads a depth discussion on Chapter 3, verses 7 to 12. Mario Malik provides a reflection on Proverbs 23:26, on ‘God wants your heart’. “Does God want your wealth or heart” is explained by Fr Joshua Tadros? The Bible reflection is on Psalm 123. Fr Moses Ayad speaks to us on “A Father’s heart to his congregation”. Finally, Carol continues the narrative on the Philokalia in the journey of St Didachos of Photiki – Spiritual knowledge and discrimination.