Title Podcast# 0363: The Conversations| 21/11/2020

“The conversations”. In today’s Gosple reflection is on St Matthew 13:1-9, reflecting the four types of soils – our hearts. Carol in Woman of Faith will be reflecting on “The woman with an infirmity”. There are many conversations found in the Bible. To list all of them will provide an exhaustive list. George Eskander will reflect on the Prayer of St Stephen as found in the Book of Acts 7. Fr Moses provides for us a reflection on “Moses the Arch prophet”. Sophia, shares with us, “Ingredients for good family relationships”. Karin shares with us a mother’s heart on “ A mother’s chat with her children”, and Mark provides a “father’s chat with his children”. George Mikhail shares a conversation, “God be with my Family”, while Mary Tawadros tells us that “God listens to our prayers”. Fr Shenouda Mansour and Gracie Michael has a conversation on “The importance of Conversations – a practical perspective” and Gracie produced two short reflections from nine year old children on, “if they were Moses, what would you ask God for”?. Florence speaks to us about “Deborah the Prophetess”. Wasem shares with us “the prayer of Hannah”. Well, “prayer of a boy” by David and Merna shares with us “a prayer of a girl”. Jeremiah in a Bird’s Peck in the Book of Proverbs on Chapter 3: 13-19. Fr David provides a reflection on David the King. The Bible Reflection is on Psalm 124. Marion Malek provides for us an inner depth discussion on the dream had by King Solomon and the conversation he had with God. What would you have asked, if God asked you the questions King Solomon was asked?. That is something for you to think about in your conversation with God. Finally, the Desert Fathers narrated by Carol from the Philokalia in the journey of St Didachos of Photiki – Spiritual knowledge and discrimination.