Title Podcast# 0364: Prayer: Incense before God | 28/11/2020

““ Prayer: Incense before God””. Today’s Gospel reflection is on the Gospel of St Luke 14:25-35. On “Woman of Faith”, Carol speaks to us on, “Woman with assurance – the woman with the flow of blood”. What is meant by, :Living in the World, but not of the World” is led by George Eskander. Fr Moses Ayad speaks to us on “Incense, the prayer of the saints”.On Coptic Voice Radio, we have a number of young people that will speak to us on prayer. Karin will delight us with “Seeking guidance in prayer”. Mark looks at “ Lord – help me understand”. Florence addresses “A woman’s heart before God”. Merna speaks to us “Being obedient to God”. David tells us why, “Following your teacher’s advice” is important.  Youssef tells us “Why obey your parents”. George tells us “why pray for your friends”. Wasem looks at “ God hears your prayers”, and Mary looks at “Lord help me see you in everything”. Jeremiah continues on “A Bird’s Peck in the Book of Proverbs”. Fr Kyrillos Farag addresses “prayer, an incense before God”. The Bible reflection is on Psalm 125. The Desert Fathers, narrated by Carol talks to us on “St Diadochos of Photiki on spiritual knowledge and discrimination”, taken from the Philokalia, and is narrated by Carol.