Title Podcast# 0365: “Autonomy or is it free will? | 05/12/2020

“Autonomy or is it free will? Lord help me”! The Gospel is on St John 16:20-33. The Woman of Faith is focused on Deborah the Prophetess led by Carol Akladious. Mario Malek addresses a topic, “freedom from sin”…how are we to be free from sin…is that possible? Fr Shenouda Mansour talks to us of “Freedom and Free will”. We all have a space that we call our own. Well, for many…the kitchen is a sacred space where “I could do all the cooking and meals for my family….autonomy”. Karen will delight us with, “My autonomy in my kitchen…What is to have autonomy in my life”. Another autonomy in life…is to choose one’s friends. Mark speaks to us on “Who are my true friends”. Do you remember the days when you wrote poems in the classroom at school. Well, Merna – her signature, “MO”, will share with us a poem on “freedom”.  Sophia will gives us some insight to “My choice is my free will”. Wasem will speak to us on, “Teaching children the gift of freedom”. Jerimah Akladious will continue on a “Bird’s peck in the Book of Proverbs”. Well, now…what is “Free Will”. Fr David ElMasri will enlighten us with some insight to the topic of free will. The Bible Reflection is on Psalm 126. Fr Moses Ayad will provide an understanding on “What is Autonomy”. Finally, Carol Akladious will continue St Diadochos of Photiki on spiritual knowledge and discrimination”, taken from the Philokalia.
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