Title Podcast# 0395: COCOS Silver Anniversary – 25 Years Of Service | 24/07/2021

COCOS Silver Anniversary of 25 years in serving the homeless and marginalised in the streets of Sydney in Woolloomooloo and in Parramatta. COCOS stands for the Coptic Orthodox Community Outreach Service. The podcast commences with the Gospel of St Luke 9:10-17. The Gospel is on Jesus feeding the 5,000 men besides women and children, with Fr Shenouda Mansour and Anna offering their reflection on the Gospel. Alaa on Woman of Faith speaks about “Martha”, sister of Mary as found in the Gospels. Next segments are reflections by some of the volunteers from COCOS: Shanee – how I started and COCOS now; George and Paul Eskander – annual COCOS Christmas and New Year service; and Josephine (Jo) – My experience and relationships with whom the homeless. Next is the series of short segments: Karin – service at my home; David – serving faithfully; Mary – why serving at home is important; Christina – why I serve with mum at home; Merna (MO) – a poem on service; Taleen – why sharing the service at home is important; Yostena – Why we smile when we serve with others; and Marel – Why sharing the service at home is important. COCOS reflections: Mark Abdelmalek (COCOS Deputy); and Peter Rose and John Mitry (Site coordinators at Woolloomooloo). Fr Moses Ayad gives a reflection on (Matthew 25:35-40).  Florence provides a reflection on service at church. Phillip Wallach on ‘my experience at COCOS’. Jeremiah continues his segment on the ‘birds peck on the Book of Proverbs’. The segments will be reflections by COCOS volunteers:  Jonathan – memories of the service at the Parramatta site; Julie Mikhail – City service and reflections; Diana Nosir – experiences in serving the tea and coffee table in the city service; Norman Mikhail – the clothing portfolio service in the city; and Chris – the clothing portfolio service in the city. The Desert Fathers narrated by Rebecca Akladious. Final words by Fr Shenouda Mansour, a reflection on COCOS and the ‘did you know’ segment. The Program was produced by Fr Shenouda Mansour and Merna Tawadros (co-producers).