Title Podcast# 0410: Epiphany Special 2022 | 15/01/2022

Epiphany 2022”. In this program, the segments address the different aspects on the Epiphany, from an Orthodox perspective. Orthodox Christian treasure Epiphany, as Epiphany is the Baptism of Christ. For the Coptic Orthodox Christians, Epiphany is a special time of the year, where the Holy Trinity is revealed to the world. In simplicity…Our Lord Jesus present in the Jordan River (Matthew 3:13) …a Voice was heard from Heaven, “this is my Beloved Son…” (Matthew 3:17), and “the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting upon Him” (Matthew 3:16). St John the Baptist saw and witnessed the Trinity at the Epiphany at the Jordan River. Another term used for Epiphany is Theophany – meaning God reveals.