Title Podcast#532: Thomas Sunday & Mother’s Day | 11/05/24

Thomas Sunday, in all traditions of Christianity, is celebrated the Sunday after Resurrection Sunday. All the disciples had witnessed and seen the resurrected Lord, except for the disciple Thomas, saying, “I will not believe unless I see Him, and touch His wounds.” Thus, when Christ visited the disciples again, Thomas came up to Him and believed after seeing. Accordingly, Christ says, “Blessed are those who believe without seeing.” So, in a way, Thomas allowed us to all receive a blessing.

Fortunately, Mother’s Day also falls on this Sunday! We celebrate and are grateful for all the many things that our mothers do for us, as well as what they have done for us. Today is a day where we mark the importance of realising all the amazing things that our mothers do, and even just a thank you can brighten her day a little. Happy Mothers’ Day to all mothers, and to the mothers that listen to our program. May the Lord bless you all abundantly.