Title Podcast#: 0195 Orthodox Christmas Special January 2018 | 06/01/2018

Orthodox Christmas Special January 2018. Gospel Reflection is on The Gospel of St Matthew 2:1-12. Gospel Reflection on Matthew 2:1-12. Why did Jesus came down in the form of man.  Prophecies fulfilled ( Carol can you do this one – I could help you provide some texts on this so that we will be able to share on this topic together). The names of God in the Old Testament ( Tony could you provide some research I – I will help you tonight ). Life Reflection ( Ray – tell me your thoughts). Woman of Faith: St Mary, Theotokos – the Mother of God, -Stana, a suggestion- a Reflection on being the Mother of God? . Panel Discussion (Either Reaching out to all). Desert Fathers – Georgio- homework…can you find some on Christmas? &  Did you know.