Title Podcast# 0400: “The Well Within”| 06/11/2021

“The Well Within”. The reflections on the Gospel of St Luke: 7:11-17 is shared by Anna, Mirna (Co-Host) and Father Shenouda. In today’s Gospel Jesus raises a young man from the dead – a widow’s only son. The segment on “Woman of Faith” is produced by Mirna (Co-host) reflects the woman at the well. “Discovering the well” is addressed by George Eskander. In looking after the “Well”, Rachael Tadros reflects on an important topic, “How is your relationship with the Bible”. Mirna (Co-host) investigates, “Developing your relationship with God”. Fr Moses Ayad special focus on the podcast theme, “The Well within”. Phillip Wallach shares with a topic titled, “Planting a seed”. Next, follows several short reflections from variety of different people. Karin as a parent will discuss “Nurturing children with talents”. Mark as a parent will speak on a topic titled, “Encouraging your children into values”. David Tawadros will share “Developing your relationship with God”. Merna Tawadros talks about, “Developing your relationship with your peers at school”. Mary Tawadros first topic is “Walking with God”, and her second topic is titled, “Why are our souls important”. Our two youngest producers: Taleen speaks on, “What I love about the Church”; and Christiana shares her reflection on, “How does God fill our hearts with His love”. Merna MO reflects her poetry on “The Well Within”. Florence shares “Lord, teach me how to pray”. Jeremiah Akladious continues his segment on, “A Bird’s peck in the book of proverbs” on Chapter 12, from verses 16 to 20. In another segment, Jeremiah Akladious shares “Discovering the work of God within”. Merna MO shares her reflection on “How do we fill an empty heart?”. Wasem speaks on “How do we fill our hearts with the love of God”.  A short reading from the Gospel of St Mark Chapter 1:16-28. The writings of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III titled “The Spiritual Man” is taken from Chapter One on the “Man was created in the image of God – in perfection – in authority – in strength”.  Both segments are narrated by Fr Shenouda Mansour. The final two topics, Fr Shenouda Mansour shares some perspectives in “What do we do when we have an empty well?”; Finally, the Desert Fathers presented by Rebecca Akladious on “Beginning to prayer” by Anthony Bloom.