Title Podcast# 0402: The life of the Disciples before and after| 20/11/2021

“The life of the Disciples before meeting Jesus Christ and after”. The reflections on the Gospel of St Matthew 13:1-9 is shared by Anne, Mirna (Co-Host) and Father Shenouda. In today’s Gospel Jesus spoke to the multitude on the Parable of the Sower. The segment on “Woman of Faith” is produced by Alaa and she reflects on St Catherine of Siena who lived in the 14th Century. George Eskander addresses “The first steps in being a disciple?”. Rachael Tadros looks at “The Characteristics of being a disciple”. Shanelle Tadros shares with the listeners “My favourite disciple” – who is your favourite disciple? Fr Moses Ayad reflects on “Saint Mark the Apostle – a Disciple of Christ”. In the segment by Jeremiah Akladious, he addresses “Building my trust in Christ through Discipleship” – and this is our own daily challenge in how we build that trust with Christ. Next, follows several short segments from variety of different people. First with Karin, “Discipling your children”. David Tawadros with “Following your teachers’ advice”. Mirna (Co-host) reflects on “St Paul – before and after”. Mary Tawadros reflects on “St Peter – before and after”. Taleen on “How can I be a disciple to my parents”. Merna MO shares with us a “Poem on Discipleship” and a segment on “What is exactly Discipleship?” Helena tells us “The names of the 12 Disciples”. Christiana on “Learning to follow your mother’s instructions”, and Merna Tawadros on her reflection of “the Fifth Commandment”. Craig James provides an understanding to the philosophical approach of Discipleship.3Jeremiah Akladious continues his segment on, “A Bird’s peck in the book of proverbs” on Chapter 12, from verses 1 to 6. Continuing reading a portion of the Gospel of St Mark Chapter 1, verses 39 to 45, and the writings of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III titled “The Spiritual Man” is taken from last section of Chapter One on the “I can also say that we are the image of God in Trinitarianism and Monotheism” – both segments are narrated by Fr Shenouda Mansour. To conclude, Fr Shenouda Mansour looks at some perspective on “the repentant heart of the disciple?” Finally, the Desert Fathers is presented by Rebecca Akladious on “Beginning to prayer” by Anthony Bloom. The program was produced by Merna Tawadros and Fr Shenouda Mansour.